Wedding - Don't Be Jealous Of My Love

Don't Be Jealous Of My Love

Some people think that Valentine’s Day is for teenage girls giving them a reason to test out their boyfriend’s love based on the price, creativeness and thought of the present they’re given. Fortunately this is only 90% true. But isn’t it interesting how people who are single HATE Valentine’s day, mostly because they don’t have that feeling of love? They loathe today because they don’t have what other people have. But how come people don’t get jealous during other holidays throughout the year? You don’t see guys without kids get all upset on Father’s Day because they don’t have a kid. You don’t see people living in apartments upset on Arbor Day because they don’t have any trees on their property. You don’t see Americans jealous on July 1st that they don’t get to celebrate Canada Day? So why is it that people are jealous of others with that passionate love for someone? I’m not sure. Those of us who have been in love know it’s power (both good and bad) . So be patient and don’t worry. Love will find you. Don’t let lust get in the way. True love is so much more than that.

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