Wedding - Another Beach Engagement

Another Beach Engagement

Is this yet another engagement photo at sunset on the beach, lit with an off camera flash? Yes it is. You really can't have enough romantic sunset photos at sunset, especially when you're able to use off-camera flash to light your subjects. It's something that is so simple to do that everyone in this line of work should know how to expose for the background and then add a small burst of fill flash with a simple speedlight. And this was after getting kicked out of El Matador for not having a permit. Pffft. So we went down to Sycamore Cove Beach and got a great angle with the sun. Everything worked out for a reason. I love it when a plan comes together! Strobist: Nikon D4 with SB800, bare bulb on light stand at 1/2 power triggered by Cactus V5 triggers

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