Wedding - Stormy Bride

Stormy Bride

Sometimes you only have a 1 1/2 weeks until a wedding, and you have no choice to shoot Bridals regardless of the weather. I actually think the storm clouds add a nice mood to this Beautiful Bride. This is the "teaser" shot, I am looking forward to working on the rest of them. I know people are all about fill the frame, but sometimes a wide angle lens is the right choice. Don't put it away just because it isn't a landscape. This is also an slight HDR, I wanted to bring out the clouds, and the texture in the dock, worked out well in this situation. 2 - 430 EXII's fired remotely by a canon canon STE-2. F10 1/250 ISO 100. Flashes left and right of camera, right flash shoulder height @ +2 and left flash lower at + 2/3.

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