Wedding - Malibu Elopement

Malibu Elopement

Had a last minute elopement at El Matador State Beach this weekend. The call came in a few days before, "Hey, are you busy for a couple hours this Saturday?" In under two hours I squeezed off 750 photos of an intimate ceremony on one of California's most scenic beaches. When we got there it was high tide. Fortunately the couple was late and by the time we made it down there we had room to move along the sand to a spot where it was safe for the bride & groom and 12 of their closest friends to have a personal, 15 minute ceremony with the waves crashing behind them. The ceremony started and the JOP told me it would take him about 15 minutes for the whole thing. I really wanted to get this perspective shot, so after they started I sprinted back down the beach (yes with all my camera gear), up the stairs, along the trail to the overlook. I took about 5 photos and then ran back down there. 4 minutes total. By the time I got back I was so out of breath that I was dizzy. Got the rings, and their kiss. Win win.

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