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Beautifully Ordinary

I’m still giddy going through the photos from the elopement this weekend in Santa Barbara. I could literally post 20 unique shots and be stoked with them all. One of the main reasons they chose me was my ability to incorporate the location into their wedding. Thus, there would be no reason to have a wedding in Italy unless the photos looked and felt like they were in Italy. So when they wanted to be on the top of the mountains in Santa Barbara, they knew I could incorporate the location into their photos. Using my Cactus V5 trigger, I exposed for the sunset and then stuck them inside the arch here at Knapp’s Castle and fired the SB-800 on 1/4th power behind them. Even in-camera they were amazed. The whole strobist setup here is less than $100 and it gives the photographer the ability to remotely fire a flash anywhere within about 150ft. Having a good sense for landscape composition and a fisheye lens also helps, along with a camera good in low-light, etc, etc. Sure their pose isn’t anything special, but the twilight light and back-lit arch makes up for it. AND in bigger news, I actually got my new blog up and running!!!. This wedding was my first entry, so if you’re interested in seeing the entire wedding/elopement from our afternoon together in Santa Barbara, click here. And do me a favor, post a comment in the blog; I need to test out the comment feature since I just activated it. And if you share it on FB or elsewhere, double-bonus points for you. Again, just looking to see how this new blog format is working. Thanks!

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