Wedding - Love Everyone, Because Jesus Told Us To.

Love Everyone, Because Jesus Told Us To.

We are yet again at a crossroads in our society and this week our Supreme Court is contemplating the Constitutional definition of marriage. DOMA and other laws at the state level either restrict or allow same sex marriage and since both sides don’t agree, its being taken up to the Supreme Court level. Just like when we abolished slavery, and allowed women to vote, there was strong opposition because that was standard quo for generations. And while I personally don’t agree with gay marriage, it would be biblically hypocritical for me to tell them what they’re doing is sin. I’m a huge sinner by biblical terms and I’m the one that has to deal with that. As a follower of Jesus, I feel that He would support any combination of people who love each other. His ministry was to set us free from the "rules" and preached love. If two people genuinely love each other, our government should recognize that. We all fall short of the example Jesus gave us, so regardless of how we sin, we should always support love and not judge how others love. Hate might be a strong word to describe someone who disagrees with the constitutional definition of marriage. While I don't enjoy brussel sprouts, I certainly don't hate them, but I do disagree with having them for dinner. And I totally agree that same sex love/marriage is sin by all biblical definitions. But so is the love of money, self, careers, passions, other material possessions, etc. It's all sin, and I'm a huge sinner. Anything that separates us from our love of Jesus is sin. But Jesus taught us to love. And by me telling same sex couples what they're doing is wrong and sin, then I have an even larger stick in my eye and am not doing what Jesus preached. Me personally I don't see it as hate, I see it as a separation of love and acceptance. I do however hate raccoons, litterbugs and people who hang out in the fast lane. Those people are all going to hell.

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