Wedding - Quinceanera WJ083 Lovebirds Chrome Bottle Stopper Souvenirs

Quinceanera WJ083 Lovebirds Chrome Bottle Stopper Souvenirs

Affectionate lovebirds demonstrate what it means to be in love. Just like the bride and groom, they are happy they've found each other. Perched on a delicate branch, the bird on this chrome bottle stopper appears to be sitting in a tree full of branches with heart-shaped leaves. Features and facts: Perched-lovebird bottle stopper is made of solid chrome, with a notable weight and quality; Bottle stopper measures 3.5” h x 1.25" w ;Clear gift-box design surrounds the lovebird with a clever, cutout tree bursting with heart-shaped leaves; the base is white with a square, soft-green graphic in front that says Lovebirds Chrome Bottle Stopper between two delicate, brown branches, and on top of the box is a white-satin bow and a matching “For You” tag;Gift box measures 4.5” h x 1.5” w x 1.5” d

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