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It can be a struggle to balance achieving client satisfaction as a business owner with finding personal fulfillment as an artist. It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been shooting weddings; there is always more you can do to reinvigorate your business practices and artistic voice. What is more to you? Maybe more means moving beyond your local market to become an established destination-wedding photographer. Perhaps you’ve already done that, but you’ve hit an artistic roadblock. Or you might be artistically engaged but unable to price your services to make your business profitable. @erichmcvey shares all of his experiences and lessons learnt in his online course with @ifimade, Wedding Photography with Erich McVey. It’s 25% off at the moment as part of If I Made’s biggest sale of the year. Use code #FlashSale at checkout. Sale ends midnight Wednesday. #ifimade #ifimadeweddingphotography

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