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"I had told her that we were going on a trip, but didn't say where. When we got on the plane, I gave her a book I had typed up on my typewriter of our 100 favorite memories. She read through the book and realized it had only 96 memories. I told her that I'd give her the last four cards over the weekend. We went on a picnic to the Dallas arboretum and botanical gardens, and I secretly met with my photographer who followed us until we found a spot for our picnic. Once we were settled, I kneeled down to reach into the picnic basket and I pulled out card #100. It said, 'Asking the love of my life to spend the rest of my life letting me love her.' While she read it, I stayed on my knee and pulled the ring out of the basket. She was caught off guard and then saw the ring and burst into tears. I asked her to be my wife and she said yes. Meanwhile, the photographer was capturing all of it. He took a lot of pics while we had our picnic and took engagement pics after." —@leo.christopher #BridesProposals #NationalProposalDay

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