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"Last year, for Harold's 30th birthday, I took him on a trip to Chicago, so when my 30th birthday rolled around this year, he (of course) had to one up me. A few weeks earlier, he told me to take off work for a few days. He told me what to pack, but didn't tell me where we were going until we got to the airport. Apparently, we were headed to the Bahamas! It was the perfect present, but little did I know, the surprises were far from over..." Read the full story via the link in our profile ❤️ Hint: there's a private yacht, a photoshoot, an oceanside dinner at @sandalsresorts and obviously... an engagement ring #best30thever #thisis30andengaged #herface! #ad #sandals

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Does this belong to you Or do you know who sells it ?

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