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Jay Cassario

One of the biggest reasons I decided to hold a workshop in Maine was because I wanted to bring attention to the beauty of the state. I also wanted to show some love to the small fishing town of Lubec, one of the coolest little towns I've ever been to. The state of Maine can be just as epic as anything I've seen in the Northwest, and I wanted to show it off a little. I grew up vacationing to Maine my whole life and have always wanted to do something special there. With its beautiful forrests, rocky cliffs, mountains, lakes, ocean, islands, jetties, lighthouses, and lobster boats giving it a very nautical feel, Maine can easily be one of the most beautiful spots for a photographer to visit in the US. It was also everything I had envisioned and more for The Narrows workshop. I'll be finishing up the blog post tomorrow with a lot more BTS shots like this one, along with a mix of shots taken by the attendees. Here you can see @timhussey @jamesdayweddings and @nickdavis_rva getting in some last minute shooting here with @lindseywhitacre and @mattwhitacre just before a thick fog rolled in making it tough to see 20 feet in front of you. There were seals swimming just out of frame behind Matt and Lindsey while this was taking place, and 3 bald headed eagles walking along the rocks earlier in the day. Lubec is pretty special. #thenarrowsworkshop #lubec #maine #weddingphotography #workshop #visionart #leica #alienskinexposure #ona #cohillsinn Thanks to our sponsors: @visionartbook @leicacamerausa @alienskinsoftware @fundysoftwareinc @onabags @cohillsinn

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