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Time is running out to get yourself enrolled in our FREE calligraphy practice challenge!! We will be sharing drills & tips for 5 straight days & best of all, I'll be doing the practice right along with you in real-time video. .. The key to improving your calligraphy skills is practice and repetition, but sometimes figuring out what to practice and having an actual plan for doing it can be half the battle. So in addition to providing the drills, we'll be challenging you to set aside actual time to practice your skills, five days in a row...and you'll have the support and motivation from over 3,500 other calligraphers who have already committed to the challenge. .. I know you want to improve your skills, and I want to help you do it. So don't miss it - click the link in my profile for full details and join me NOW before it's too late & tag your calligrafriends below so they don't miss out either! {ink coaster via @essellesf}

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