I took some pictures of the skyline today, where the WTC used to be, and I took some pictures of the light beams tonight. But I realized what I really wanted to post was this, an ordinary picture of an ordinary street in New York today. In all it's brash ugliness. Because the commemorations aren't really about those buildings, they are about the people that were lost that day, a perfectly clear September morning, going about their lives, leaving for work and never coming home. For all of us that were in Manhattan that morning the world changed in a way that won't change back. There was a naïveté that was lost, for us, for New York and for the world I believe. What do I really wish? That everyone in the world can go about their ordinary days, their ordinary clear mornings, in peace and in safety. There's so much violence in the world and so many mornings have been shattered in the past 16 years. I'm honestly more than a bit discouraged by all the news lately- the hate the prejudice the anger that's coming to the surface. As we commemorate today I hope we recognize that every person lost to violence tears at the fabric of our world. #ilovemycitymorethanever

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