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Jay Cassario

I was recently asked to test out the GoDox flash system including their pocket strobes the AD200’s. I’ve now shot 4 weddings with both the AD200’s and the V860II’s and while it’s still a little early for me to make a fully confident assessment, so far... I’m loving them. No more AA batteries, less misfires than the more expensive Canon 600EX-RT’s, and even though they are designed to be compatible with the Canon system, the same triggers and flashes work on my Leica gear. The AD200’s might be my favorite lighting tool I have right now, and I’ve already made the call to keep them rather than sending them back. I’ll put together a full review soon. With twice the power of a regular speed light, but pretty much the same size, carrying them around isn’t an issue. During Saturday’s wedding down in Cape May, I really wanted to set up a cool night shot with the couple and a sail boat that had been deserted and washed up on the shore. I set up one AD200 behind the couple by about 30 feet and at shoulder height. I had a 2nd AD200 just to the right out of frame firing at the boat to give it that nice rim light. I used MagMod grids on both to give me a little more control. Might just be my favorite night shot I’ve taken, and having the AD200’s made it easier than ever to setup while still giving me the power of strobes. I barely had to edit this, just a little cleaning up and it was ready to go. Lighting was spot on in-Camera. @twistedoaksstudio #wedding #capemay #weddingphotography #weddingphotographer #newjerseywedding #jerseyshorewedding #iconaresortdiamondbeach @iconaresorts #southjerseywedding #bride #groom #nightshot #creative #strobe #speedlight #godox #ad200 #sailboat #beachwedding #theknot #theknotpro #myexposureedit #alienskinexposure @alienskinsoftware @godox_photo_equipment @magnetmod

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