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"I grew up on a beautiful farm, in a quaint little town, and my parents recently decided to rehab their barn and turn it into a wedding venue. They'd said they hoped my wedding would be the first one there, and secretly I did too. My whole family has been working nonstop to convert the barn into a space where anyone could say "I do" and on a Friday afternoon, Patrick and I headed there to continue working as we did every weekend. When we got there, my dad said he'd added something around back for us to see. When I walked back, there was a wooden sign that said Opening Date 2018, with a question mark below it. I quickly noticed the circle part of the question mark was a box with the words "Marry Me?" on it. Then, I turned and looked behind me and there was Patrick on one knee. On June 2nd, 2018, the venue will officially open, my parents' dreams will come true, and so will mine..." Photo by @briannaaalynn_

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Does this belong to you Or do you know who sells it ?

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