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FIRE UPDATE - after 30+ hours, we made it home from Africa to our children - although it was an incredible relief to be together, the past couple of days have been harrowing - the smoke & ash have been thick & relentless - we had to take my son to urgent care last night , he’s been having trouble breathing - it was very scary - after a breathing treatment we were able to take him home - he’s doing much better now - we’d been camping out at my mother’s house in Santa Barbara but as the wind shifted, the fire headed north & the smoke got worse - we decided to head back south towards our home in Ventura which proved to be the right decision as the air is more clear here now - we are feeling very lucky - our home & my photo studio remain untouched - our children are safe - & our dogs are safe too - so many have lost so much & our hearts are broken for them - it’s a fluid situation & as the winds pick up & more fires break out we are ready to leave again if we need to - thank you so much for all of the public & private messages - i know many of you may be in harms way now - hope everyone stays safe - we have such appreciation for the fire fighters that have been working around the clock to protect people & property - this photo was from yesterday, the smoke was so thick it felt apocalyptic - blessings to all - with gratitude, elizabeth #thomasfire #smokenotclouds #venturafire

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