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Kat Williams

Project 1 of 5392 billion* for @revamprestylereveal is DONE! ✨ Before there was actually a door here that the previous owners had blocked up (with chipboard!) painted shut and whacked a worktop in front of. I kid you not. You can see the before on my stories right now (honestly it was so bad!) ✨ Gareth removed the door, bricked it up (he taught himself how to do it by watching YouTube tutorials!) and put this beautiful 1930s window in its place. What a goddamn champ. ✨ The window came from my parent's house as they've just done their own renovation and although is not really authentic to our house which was built in 1908, it's so much cooler than a new UPVC window don't you think? *Only slightly exaggerating. #rocknrenovation #revamprestylereveal

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Does this belong to you Or do you know who sells it ?

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