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Laura Hooper

Last night and today have been a bit crazy on the home front. My precious pup @keppiethecavalier seemed fine all day yesterday, but then suddenly had shortness of breath and could barely stand on his own. As always when it comes to things like this, it happened at 1:30am on a Sunday night while Jeremy is out of town. I spent most of the night waiting at the emergency vet thinking he pulled a muscle in his back {which has happened before}, only to hear that he has a heart murmur and possibly degenerative heart disease. This is very common in the Cavalier King Charles breed, but was completely devastating to learn none the less. - I worked from home today, waiting to hear from the cardiologist about what the situation actually is & thankfully we just found out that the murmur is minor and he does not have heart disease. I am so thankful for everyone who texted me today to check in on both Keppie & me. Please keep my fur baby in your thoughts for his continued health! {pup pic by}

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