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Stone Fox Bride

In honor of the fact that I just found out yesterday was #mentalhealthday I'm here to announce that I'm in the midst of a low-grade depression, probably due to the fact that I'm in the middle of a divorce and grief stricken about my Dad's recent death and transitions suck and it's rainy and muggy and there's mosquitos in October and I'm lonely and feeling ass-ugly and life is confusing and even at this very minute I wish I was on couch eating candy watching "Ozark" with ice packs on my head and squirting migraine medication up my nostrils. Lucky for me my cousin is a famous hairdresser to the stars like Helena Christensen and Karlie Kloss and Giselle and came over this morning with a bag full of scissors and flatirons and curlers and brushes and creams and gels and sprays and a little of this and a little of this and whipped my pale and depleted and low-seratonin levels, low self-esteem, low vibrational + low chakral self into somewhat more formidable shape and I'm grateful. Don't get me wrong — feeling valuable joyful kinectic connected of service is 100% an inside job... talk therapy punching pillows feeling the feelings digging deep down into the darkness to find the light rigorous honesty my god life on life's terms sometimes feels like you're the butt of an endless bad joke that's being told again and again and again.. but there's a lot to be said for a good hair day. Thank you cuz. @jacobrozenberg.

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