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Not sure if our Beyond Beginner Guide or 5-Week Calligraphy Practice Plan is the best next step for you? BOTH are currently 30% off at through Monday, 4/22 & we'll tell you a bit about them both. - If you are looking to expedite your technique & skills with pointed-pen overall, we definitely recommend the 5-week practice plan course. It guides you through 5 weeks of practice planning (this is key when trying to improve with the art!) and over 45 different drill patterns (up close demonstration & traceable). We also cover some letters to show how the drill shapes are specifically geared towards improving your letter shapes. If you have already learned how to use the tools, either through our starter kit, workshop or on your own, but are feeling like you've plateaued in your skills development, this is for you. This listing can be digital only (perfect for anywhere in the world you can get online), but we also offer the workbook as an optional purchase with the course. - If you have taken our workshop or used the starter kit at home to learn how to use the tools of pointed-pen and covered our beginner alphabet, the Beyond Beginner Guide is your next step to creating a cohesive alphabet. It covers letter consistency, letter connections (both on a tracing pad & through video instruction) and then gets you started on flourishing with a variety of flourish patterns, words with flourishing, and two full flourished alphabet exemplars, one on a tracing pad. This listing includes both physical + digital components. - You can't go wrong with either course as you continue in your calligraphy journey. Both are 30% off along with the rest of our at-home learning content. Head to to save big before the sale ends 4/22. {wooden pen holder, pen rest and teal ink all via the LHC shop as well}

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