Wedding - Kat Williams

Kat Williams

The only thing self doubt achieves is holding YOU back. Remember, there are way less talented people thriving by doing the shit you're too scared to even try. YOU CAN DO IT!! I've been riddled with self doubt while working on The Confidence Club - will anybody care about this? I'm not an expert at any of this, who am I do talk about this stuff when there are so many people in the self-help space doing such amazing things? But what I have learnt over the last six months of working through it (literally and mentally!) is that I DO have a value to share, I DO have a unique point of view and I AM doing this with the right motivation in my heart. Honesty, self doubt can just fuck right off!! The Confidence Club, an 8-week course showing you how to overcome self-doubt, love yourself and totally transform your life, launches later this month. I CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO JOIN US! Art by my boo @laurieleeleather

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