Wedding - Kat Williams

Kat Williams

Picture yourself in a year's time. Where do you think you'll be? Where do you WANT to be? What's stopping you? ✨ Are you afraid? ✨ Do you need to get out of your own way? ✨ Do you need to quit telling yourself that you can't do something? ✨ Do you need to put yourself first for once? ✨ This is your journey. Don't let anyone else tell you what's right or wrong for you. You don't owe anyone anything. PERIOD. Take a risk. Follow your heart. Choose a life that lights you up. It isn't selfish to go out and follow your dreams. It isn't rude to say "No thank you". Live unashamedly, love fiercely, create the life that you deserve to live. Photo by @rebeccacarpenterphotography

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