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KT Merry

Putting this last week in the rear view feels pretty good. So does strolling hand in hand with your fiancé through small Italian towns on the Amalfi Coast...⠀ Katryna and Eric, who were both doctors in residency at the time we shot this, boarded a plane after their shift and flew to Italy for 30 hours to shoot with me on the Amalfi Coast. It was a wild—and very romantic—adventure that I’m so grateful I was a part of. ⠀ Even when I’m not out in the world creating, my images take me places from the confines of my tiny Florida office. It’s a pretty magical thing.⠀ I’m curious, since I’m all about daydreaming, if you could go anywhere (and since I have a magic wand there is no pandemic either), where would you go?⠀ My list? I’m thinking the coast of France or Italy (because I need

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