Top 3 Wedding Decorating Ideas and Tips

Top 3 Wedding Decorating Ideas and Tips

Your wedding can be the most exciting day of your life. It is important to make sure the decor serves as the cherry-on-top of your big special day. Here are some wedding decorating ideas and tips to follow to ensure you have a stunning wedding.

Don't Skip The Flowers

Flowers can seem cliche, especially if you sit down with your significant other to pick some mundane ones that generally look nice. The point of your wedding is not to look just 'nice.' It has to be spectacular and it can be done by picking out colorful flowers both you and your loved one have chosen together.

Flowers can follow the theme of your wedding and are allowed to deviate from the selected colors to bring a little extra life to the overall look of your wedding. If you and your loved one do not have a specific preference for a type of flower, then it helps to do a little bit of research about the flowers that are special to you.

Online, you can find guides for flowers in relation to your birth month or even your name. Consider using these birth month flowers in your wedding decor.

Pick a Theme and Decor to Follow

Your wedding theme does not need to be overly simple or limited to just a color. Go all out and talk with your loved one about possible fun themes for your wedding that everyone will remember many years from now. Pick something important to you, even if it seems cheesy.

Perhaps you met during a tournament at a bowling alley and bowling has always been special to the both of you, then consider having a bowling-centric themed wedding, complete with bowling balls and pins table cloths. Consult your partner on the themed decor and decide what would be considered too over the top or too subtle for guests to notice and enjoy.

Overall, the opinion on decor should be handled by you and your loved one rather the opinion of others. Most importantly, the theme should be decided together with your loved one rather than one-sided.

Small Themed Touches to Everything

It is your big day and it is important to go all out, but not always over the top. Perhaps your theme is something as elegantly playful as swans. Consider ordering decorative fruit swans catered to your wedding or perhaps an ice sculpture of a swan near the drinks table.

Swans embroidered on the table napkins for your guests. Small swan shaped flower arrangements for the tables. Add small touches like swan pillows in sitting areas. Have a photo wall featuring you and your loved one pictured with swans. Do not limit yourself on the wedding decor to simply table arrangements.

Analyze your wedding venue space and consider fitting in more themed items for the big day. Make sure to let your guests know the theme of your wedding by having most items fit. It will ensure that they will never forget what it was, even after several years.

A plain wedding is often forgotten and themed ones will always be fondly reminisced and coupled with a comment on how cute it was.

Follow these easy and quick tips to ensure your big day is as big as you planned. Never skip out on the small details and always consult with your loved one on the decor and theme.

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