If You Like It Then You Should Put a Date on It: Create The Best DIY Save The Dates

If You Like It Then You Should Put a Date on It: Create The Best DIY Save The Dates

Do you want to save your dates but aren’t so good when it comes to design?

By not so good I mean this: are Paint and Instagram filters the only design tools you have ever used?Professionals recognize the Adobe suite as a complex and sophisticated solution for web designers. But this time we thought of helping the ones who don’t have the time to learn how to use our programs.

Most design applications either require some time to get acclimated with or are too simplistic to create that professional look.

We recognized this problem, so we decided to offer a solution to people who want to create something beautiful without having to watch a dozen tutorials.

We created a free design solution that will help you save the most important moments of your life and make your final product look professional and sleek from the first use.

You can download and craft beautiful designs from any device while preserving all the features.

If you want to find out more about how Adobe Spark can help you create the perfect DIY save the dates cards, read on.

Social media-friendly size

You first start off by selecting the size of your project.

When you post it on social media platform, the image is automatically resized to fit the platform of your choice.

Feel free to share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest without fearing the pixels.

Select an attention-grabbing theme

We have a large gallery of themes you can pick from.

With no design knowledge, you can now customize everything from layouts, colors, and images to make your DIY card look completely unique.

Did you change your mind?

That's no problem. You can make changes at any time during the designing process.

Say “cheese”

The next step is to upload your photo from your computer and pair it with your theme of choice (or a cloud storage service).

After you uploaded the image, you'll notice that it is automatically arranged into a grid layout.

You have plenty of options that allow you customize the grid, too.You can also create a slideshow presentation by uploading several photos.

The end result looks like a sleek slideshow that animates the photos.

Feel free to add extra features to your slideshows, such as text captions, filters, and focus.

Play with some fonts 

Adobe Spark makes sure your words stand out. You can add quotes, jokes, or whatever crosses your mind while using bold, decorative, or script fonts.You can easily change the default font by highlighting the text and selecting a new font from the list.

We’re almost done

DIY design has never been easier.

The Adobe Spark application makes it so much easier to create DIY save the dates cards for you and your friends.

Keep those memories alive, and share them with others using an easy to use application that will transform any DIY project into a work of art.