Demola and Sheyi’s E- Session From Fola Lawal Photography

Demola and Sheyi’s E- Session From Fola Lawal Photography


We love stories don’t we? And not just any kind of story but a luurve story. Demola and Sheyi’s  meet up was as regular as just any other meet up that ended up in marriage!  I learn something- Always keep an open mind. You never know how friendships would blossom. Demola and Sheyi were happy to share their story with us. Their engagement pics  forwarded  by our very own FolaLawal Photography it all don’t it? Cool, Sexy and Sassy couple we cant wait for their wedding pics too!

How They Met- Demola’s View

Yoruba man would say “jeje mi ni mo joko”

 Oluwaseyi Maria Titilayo Edgal was introduced to me by a mutual friend she went to school with.  In his words “Seyi na good Christian girl oo. Be nice”.

This was March 2007 and due to the mile distance between us and spike in gas prices, we spoke for months but never got to see each other. Even though I knew that she could not wait to see me.In the summer of the same year, I was headed to the beach and let Seyi know I was driving past her neighborhood. Come and see how she begged me to pick her up..

Let’s just say it was that day I stopped forming shakara. We had fun times at the beach and a lovely dinner followed later I knew one day she would be my wife..

  Let’s just say I’m one lucky guy….

Sheyi’s View

About 6 years ago, I called a friend who lived in New Jersey complaining about how boring California was as I had only been in the states for roughly 2yrs. He happened to be a mutual friend with Demola and he asked him to take me out. Two days later, Demola called me but never asked me out. Phone call after phone call, we talked for about 4 months almost on a daily basis. During Demola’s graduation weekend, he had a friend from out town come stay with him. Knowing it is always fun to have Sheyi around; he begged to pick me up as he drove past my neighborhood. As soon as Demola laid his eyes on me, he was sprung. We ended up hanging out at the beach and 6 years later, Demola asked me to marry him.



| Couple: Demola+ Sheyi|

                                                     |image source: Fola Lawal Photography|

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