The White Three-tiered Wedding Cake

The White Three-tiered Wedding Cake


The three-tiered white wedding cake is always a crowd pleaser. It's traditional and it's truly bridal. Who knew there were so many options when it comes to a three-tiered white cake? Skye from Sunny Girl Cakes, that's who. Today we have just a taste*, a nibble*, if you will, of a few of her recent creations.

For Rani and Alec's beach wedding they prettied up a classic white sugar paste iced three-tier cake with colourful fresh flowers and included the unique and rustic touch of twine. The filling was Skye's famous rich chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache. Photo by Emma Nayler Photographer.

It was twine adornment for Sarah and Stephen's cake at their Maleny wedding, but instead had talented Skye handcraft a sugar paste peonie. Their filling sounds absolutely drool-worthy delicious - the base was Cherry Ripe mud cake with chocolate ganache and the top tiers were white chocolate mud cake with raspberry swirl, layered with white chocolate ganache. Um, I just died a little bit. Of cake happiness. It was imaginary, and I'm back now.... So time for more cakes! Photo by Artography.

Taryn and Adam's three tiers look super impressive with a ruffled base, a little bling in the middle, fancy filigree up top and fresh flowers by Willow Bud. We love how they have made a centrepiece of the cake by surrounding it with tealight candles. So pretty! Photo by Jennifer Oliphant Photography.

You can even go for the super cute option of having a likeness fashioned from icing of you and your sweetie for cake toppers! Then you can bite each others' heads off and get that out of the way in the first few hours of marriage!

Karli and Nathan's three tiers were filled with chocolate mud cake, butterscotch mud cake and Cherry Ripe mud cake. Delish! The base tier was quilted and studded with edible silver pearls, the middle tier decorated with intricate filigree. Image by Emma Nayler Photographer.

Two tiers can look just as impressive as three, all you need is a little bling. Amanda and Brenden chose a Cherry Ripe mud base tier and white chocolate and lime mud cake for their top tier. All of their adornments were handmade by Skye with sugar paste icing. Except for the bling, of course. Photo by Styl in Images.

*Pun intended. Puns are almost always intended on The Bride's Tree.

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