Ombré Tones: the 2014 Bridal Guide

Ombré Tones: the 2014 Bridal Guide


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Morning favourite people!

This fine Wednesday, I want to take y'all back to a trend that's been buzzing around for the past couple of years and which I (mistakenly) thought might have been on the edge of disappearance... Oh how wrong I was. I am, of course, going to be chatting about l'ombre. To you and me, it's 'that dip dye style' trend that swept across the catwalks and through many a bottle of hair bleach maybe a year ago, but I have news for you: this versatile colour technique has some serious staying power, and is still very much a fave in the boho world. So consider this your up to date, all encompassing and (I'd like to think) definitive guide to all things dip dyed for your 2014 wedding. Grab yourself a cup of joe, and let's talk ombré.

Image credit: 100 Layer Cake

First up, let's talk dresses. I have quite a serious conviction when it comes to dip dyed dresses, it goes a little something like this: they're freakin' AWESOME. Researching this post gave me the classic 'If I could do it all again' moment, and I'm telling you I would definitely have gone for an ombré dress. Like, for sure. I mean, how sweet is this bride from 100 Layer Cake? And that's it exactly: a dip dyed dress produces this perfect balance of sweet, sultry colour and, on the flip side, an edgy bohemian look that just says: ' Yeah, I just thought I'd dip it in some colour for the hell of it, make things more interesting'. From this rich orange, ethereal hand dyed violet by Stone Fox Bride, a custom pop of neon pink by Ryan Roche for Jenny Ueshisa to a subtle shade of pale blush, this trend is begging to be rocked by a Festival Bride. But, seriously check them out...

Image credit: Glitter Deers

Image credit: Stone Fox Bride

Image credit: Ryan Roche for Stone Fox Bride via Refinery29

Image credits: Left, I Do Inspirations Right, Wolf Cub Chronicles

Image credit: Trend Hunter

I know, right!? So gorge, I can't even handle it! That last splash of deep, jewelled teal is just beach bride perfect, it'd look killer next to an expanse of pale sand, don't you think? And it's also such a great way to tie your dress into your colour scheme: feature hints of your chosen ombré colour throughout your wedding decor, not so much that it'll overwhelm your dress, just enough to subtly echo the striking burst of your dress.

Now, if a dipped dress is a little too daring for you, a super easy way to embrace this trend is in your paper goods. Be it your invites, or your escort cards a burst of graded colour on paper is a super cool way to show off the ombré trend. By Martha Stuart's definition, 'In the lexicon of Proust and Monet, ombré means "shaded"... subtle gradations of colour from light to dark.' which, in my mind, means we can confidently blur the line between ombré and splashes of watercolour as they both fit the bill (and they're both totally rad). Check out our picks, they're pretty much all DIY-able too, so get your paints out kids!

Image credit: Rock My Wedding

Image credit: Akula Kreative

Image credit: Wedding Chicks

Image credit: Style Me Pretty

Image credit: Wedding Party App

Image credit: Something Turquoise

Image credit: Raw Color

What an incredibly vibrant piece of snail mail, hey?! Splashed with rich water colour hues or airbrushed with a subtle pastel, anything goes, everything works and they just scream 'effortlessly cool' from corner to corner.

Next up, I wanna get seriously fun on you and take a look at the latest ways to incorporate an ombré into your wedding reception. First up, let's talk cake. Inspired by the divine Bespoke Bride's ombré DIY yesterday (they reveal the incredible secrets to this amazing look here), I've hunted down the Festival Bride's top picks of the shaded cake world. Add an oversized poppy, embrace several colours of icing with no further embellishment needed or get your sugar high from an ombré variation of the classic Macaron. However you get your fix, edible ombré makes for a serious show stopper.

Image credit: 100 Layer Cake

Image credit: Cakelets and Doilies

Image credit: Sweetapolita

Image credit: Bespoke Bride

Image credit: My Wedding

Image credits: Left, Pastel Overload Right, Jose Villa via Southern Weddings

What? No, I wasn't drooling.

Next up; tableware. One of my favourite subjects right now (Anthropologie's tableware has me in a constant day dream at the moment) there are some incredible ombré concepts cropping up for your tables this year. Totally DIY-able, we're talking simple white napkins becoming seriously ace dipped pieces of art, ugly trestle tables transformed into surging tides of flowing purple table cloth and homemade tassels (yes, I know, Clare always mentions tassels, I can't help it!) becoming rad dip dyed napkin rings... Obviously don't apply all of the above or your guests'll be tripping left right and centre, but just one tasteful burst is all the impact you'll need. Festival Brides (like, seriously) LOVES...

Image credit: Camille Styles

Image credit: Heart and Handmade

Image credit: Busy Being Fabulous

Image credit: Love and Lace Blog

Image credit: Anthology Magazine

Image credit: 100 Layer Cake

You know what I think makes ombré so great? I mean obviously everyone loves a burst of colour, it's beautiful and super versatile, but the real charm of an ombré is in its inexact outcome, especially if you have the pleasure of creating your dip dyed piece yourself. By the very nature of its creation, it's free-spirited and, as y'all might know, we're kinda into that.

Ok, so if you're thinking Ombré is the way to go for your wedding lounge then girl, do I have some treats for you. I stumbled across the lovely Elisabeth Nicole on Etsy while researching ways you guys could get some ombre on your walls, and her cute little chevron garlands are just the thing. Delicate and a subtle nod to this gradation trend, they're available in a variety of shades and they're all ridiculously cute.

Image credits: Elisabeth Nicole via Etsy

However, if like me you're still out-of-your-mind crazy for tassels, you might want to consider creating a series of dip dye tassel wall hangings for your venue. This is a major DIY must for me when I next get a free weekend (ha, like that ever happens!), wall hangings are my absolute vice and if they're made from tassels... Are you kidding? You simply have to hang them in your woodland or adorn the walls of your tepee with them; simple, but oh-gosh über cool.

Image credit: 100 Layer Cakelet

Last, but certainly not least, I've saved one of my favourite ideas to last (here's hoping y'all made it this far!). Perfect for a chilled outdoor wedding lounge, they make for beautiful ceremony seating and are just plain awesome as drink/flower/candle tables; let your eyes feast upon the beauty of the ombré block stool. DIY-able (maybe get the man cub involved), versatile, mobile and so original; we're head over heels.

Image credit: Poppy Talk

Image credit: Apartment Therapy

Now, look me in the eye and tell me that isn't insanely cool.

Hoping I've brightened your Wednesday and inspired your inner wild child to let your colour loose!

Much love,

Clare xo

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