Floating Teepee

Floating Teepee


Native American culture is probably one of the richest and the most mystical. Perhaps no other ethnic group can share so many beautiful stories and legends. There are tons of symbols that originated in this society and melted in everyday life. Totems, peace pipes and dream catchers are the integral pieces of Native American culture now known all over the world.

But what I've always been fascinated with is the Indians' care and respect for the nature. Everything from plant cultivation, animal hunting, clothes sewing and housing is done with great regard to environment, they truly live according to changing seasons.

So you can imagine my enthusiasm when I found an article about 21 year old student - William whose unique way of looking at life inspired him to build a Floating Teepee. After leaving a campus he decided to live self-sufficiently on a small raft. He chose the way of life I want and admire. However, what I luck is the courage to leave all the things behind. Would you like to live in a teepee? Share your opinions on our website

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The photos of William and his Floating Teepee can be seen here

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