On Coping With Anxiety & Panic. Sunday Ramble.

On Coping With Anxiety & Panic. Sunday Ramble.


My November in images.

This is a topic I have been scared of addressing on the blog again. It's something I spoke quite a bit about in the past and I thought I should really update on how I've been doing the past couple of years.

As some of you may remember I have spoken about my health issues in the past, if not you can see the features here - The story of my anxiety health problems and Coeliac Disease and Cancelling our wedding plus Anxiety Habits.

It's been a long long road. But I am getting there step by step. I've not pushed myself too far and have taken things at my own pace.

The first step for me was seeking help again. I found the most wonderful woman who helped me through my issues with hypnotherapy and counselling. She really was the turning point for me to fight back and not keep giving up and in to the anxiety.

The first thing I wanted to do was to feel safe and settled and to be rid of panic attacks in my own home. I find distraction to be the best cure for this. TV isn't enough, I liked to read. I have read so many books since realising this. It's the perfect escapism and takes my mind away from my worries, crochet was also a great distraction technique for me.

I also stopped talking about the anxiety. I didn't want to give it any more attention than it deserved. I spoke about my feelings but not the actual symptoms. Getting out of the viscous cycle is not easy but it certainly is possible I promise.

Exercise was key to my recovery. Walking in the countryside and heading to the gym really helped to clear my mind. I don't have a gym membership any more but a good old walk or cycle in the fresh air usually does the trick.

Pushing myself out of my comfort zone but not too far meant I slowly achieved many things one by one. A longer car journey, a little one station train ride, a day out to the beach, our first family holiday. There are still things I have yet to do, but I have done so much I never thought possible at one point. I tried to celebrate those small achievements and then do the same thing again until it wasn't a worry any longer. Beating agoraphobia is so hard but if I can fight it anyone can.

I haven't been on a proper train journey yet, but I have been on 3 UK holidays now, stayed in hospital after having W and had numerous days out with the boys. Life feels almost normal for me and it's amazing to not worry about feeling ill constantly. I think anxiety is something I will always have but the difference now is that I have the tools to help myself.

At the moment I am feeling quite overwhelmed with running the blog and having a new baby. Sometimes I can feel those thoughts creeping back, but fingers crossed I can beat them and stay on the right path.

Thanks for listening. I hope that if you are struggling with anything similar it helps you to feel less alone. Please do seek help or talk to someone. Never give up :-)


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