Sunday Ramble. 2015 Adventures

Sunday Ramble. 2015 Adventures


Our first family holiday back in 2013. Campfires, playing, wellies and crochet.

With my new found sense of *ahem* adventure and lust for visiting new places I have already started taking a look at some places I'd like to travel to this year.

I am not going overboard by any means, just a couple of weekends away in the UK hopefully... perhaps a longer break if budget and time constraints allow.

With A being in school full time, we are squished into a small time frame as to when we can take a holiday. Of course this then pushes costings up too. So I am looking at basic easy breaks that are family friendly. Self catering is also a must with me being Coeliac, so I can rest assured that my food is 'safe'.

Forset Holidays look a great bet, paired back woodland setting with the luxury of wood cabin accommodation. Plus there are a fair few locations, Sherwood looks like a great place to visit. Plus I want to go and see the old Oak tree again :-) Also two words... hot tub. Enough said.

We had a nice little bargain caravan getaway to Rye in November. We'd like to go again to a different spot and maybe see if any of our friends are up for it too. There are so many caravan parks dotted around the coast we're spoilt for choice. A perfect little trip for perhaps the May half term.

I've always wanted to visit Bath, the natural spa sings to me. In fact a spa break in general would be heaven to recharge. I'd also love a weekend away in London with G. We live near to London but it would be great to stay over and see some sights properly. Of course these would need to be child free escapes I think and I am not sure if I could leave buba W quite yet. Perhaps I shall save those until the end of the year hehe.

Precious quality family time is what I really want to make happen this year. Especially with A in full time school now, it's so important to make time for each other. I'm also looking forward to the summer without a bump, getting back on my bicycle and being able to join in more with the boys.

Do you have any travel plans for this year? Any recommendations for days out or trips with a 5 year old and a baby?


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