4 Apps Every Bride Needs to Ease the Wedding Planning - MODwedding

4 Apps Every Bride Needs to Ease the Wedding Planning - MODwedding


Every wedding requires a quintessential ingredient: planning. But planning doesn't mean you have to crop out magazine spreads, scribble down reminders, or worry about forgetting those spur-of-the-moment ideas that pop into your head throughout the day. Take a breather and save your energy for the big day, because today's technologies have made wedding planning much simpler. We asked the team behind HoneyBook, the new planning platform for top wedding vendors, to share 5 best tech tools to help you have a smooth planning experience from start to finish.

    Check It Off: Your plans are starting to come together - you've narrowed down your favorite venues, found a few photographers, and have the dress shopping route ready to go. But juggling these appointments and remembering what you need to research makes it tough to keep track. Forget your old school checklist - paper lists can get messy and lost. Instead, try the cool organizer app Wunderlist, which helps you digitally keep track of your checklists. Share to do lists with your fiancé, besties or family helping out with the planning.

    The Digital Files: Chances are that one day you will come across the most perfect tie somewhere in a shop window. Or something you see in the grocery store will spark an idea for your dessert table. Say hello to Evernote, which helps you keep track of, well, everything both on the web and in life. With its ability to snap pictures, record audio (so you won't forget to add that song to your music list), jot notes, attach all kinds of clippings and categorize all of it to be easily searched through, Evernote is the king of all binders. If you don't want to let your inspiration out of sight, this app will help you keep everything bundled neatly together (and can be used across all your devices).

    Take Me to the Moon: If you value memories and unique experiences, consider including your honeymoon plans in your wedding registry. The honeymoon registry by Wanderable features stunning destinations and activities, offering a unique way to let your guests contribute toward all the unforgettable fun you're going to have on your honeymoon. With top recommendations researched by Wanderable's travel experts, beautiful and personalized registry designs, easy online payments and handcrafted gift messages, your guests will be more than happy to chip in to your honeymoon adventure. If seeking out matching dinner plates is not your idea of fun, this may be perfect for you as you embark on your new life together.

    Track Those Payments: Paying for the wedding is no one's favorite part of wedding planning, but it doesn't mean you should lose sight of your expenses. Paper receipts get lost easily, so go digital when it comes to your wedding finances. Expensify helps you upload pictures of your receipts or connect your bank or credit card accounts to help you monitor your expenses. By keeping track of how much is spent on different categories, you'll have a clear pictures of where the money is going and can adjust if something goes over budget.

There are certainly other ways your can use technology to plan your wedding. Here are a couple of infographics via Story Mix Media for your personal Pinterest board to keep as references.

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