Easy DIY Chocolate Wedding Bomboniere

Easy DIY Chocolate Wedding Bomboniere


If you're looking to inject a bit of DIY into your day then wedding favours are perhaps the easiest (not to mention cost saving!) detail to get hands on with. As we roll into the weekend we thought we'd share these short-cut sweet treats. Made with delicious chocolate and of course a little love, these take-home food favours will have your guests walking away with big smiles on their faces.

Chocolate pudding TRUFFLES

You will need:

250g miniature Christmas pudding

1/3 cup chopped slivered almonds

100g dark cooking chocolate

Cocoa powder


Roast slivered almonds in the oven until golden.

Crumble the Christmas pudding into a bowl and add the oven-roasted almonds.

Melt the chocolate and add to the cake mixture, mix thoroughly.

Roll teaspoons of mixture into balls and coat with cocoa powder.

Mint chocolate-covered OREO COOKIES

You will need:

Oreo double-cream cookies

Plain sandwich Oreo cookie mould

Dark chocolate mint melting wafers

Cherry blossom chocolate transfer sheet


Cut circles the size of an Oreo mould from the transfer sheet and place one in the bottom of each mould.

Melt the dark chocolate and fill the mould cavities approximately 1/3 full.

Immediately press an Oreo cookie into the chocolate of each mould. As you apply pressure, the chocolate will rise up and around the sides embedding the cookie but leaving the top uncovered.

Pour extra chocolate over the top of the cookie to completely fill the mould. Scrape away any excess with a spatula.

Chill the moulds in the refrigerator.

Turn out cookies and remove the acetate sheet to reveal the cherry blossom design

Oreo moulds, chocolate melting wafers and chocolate transfer sheets are available from www.cakesaroundtown.com.au


Happy DIY weekend!

MW x

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