29 Gorgeous Wedding Floral Chandeliers That Will Blow Your Mind - Weddingomania

29 Gorgeous Wedding Floral Chandeliers That Will Blow Your Mind - Weddingomania


No matter where you're tying the knot or what style wedding you're hosting, a beautiful chandelier of fresh florals will transform and soften your space giving it a more romantic look. A whimsical alternative to the traditional table centerpiece, suspended flowers make a stunning focal point in any room - and as they don't encroach on valuable table space, they offer a practical solution, too.

Choose The Right Blooms

The key to making these stylish chandeliers work best for you is to find a look that complements the rest of your venue and of course your wedding style and theme. For couples hosting a classic wedding, the best option is pink or white roses or peonies, they may be accentuated with crystal spheres and with candles inside. White hydrangeas tucked into lush greenery are a nice idea for rustic nuptials.

You can also think of what you want your floral chandelier to accomplish. For example, if it's balancing an ultra-modern space with a romantic detail, consider soft roses and greenery with dreamy candlelight in a loft space. Trying to define a certain space, like your dance floor or sweetheart table? Consider bolder, bigger flowers and large chandeleirs for a look that really pops.

For a smaller-space or a more intimate gathering, go for daintier petals. Ranunculus, lisianthus, anemones and freesias are delicate but can really pack a punch when it comes to color.

Keep Your Flowers Fresh

To prevent your flowers from wilting, give them a big drink of water before you start. Well-conditioned flowers should stay fresh from first guest to last man standing. To do this, trim an inch from each stem at a 45-degree angle and plunge immediately into clean water for an hour.

For a display that will stay beautiful for three days straight, go for a self-watering arrangement using test tubes.

Work With Your Space

Now for the practicalities of suspending your floral arrangement - in other words, how's it hanging? How you choose to do this depends on the design of your space. Use the room's natural features - such as the beams of an old barn, the metal framework of a marquee or an existing light fitting or chandelier - as a starting point for your arrangement and work from there.

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