Once Upon a Dream: Bohemian Woodland Fairytale Wedding

Once Upon a Dream: Bohemian Woodland Fairytale Wedding


Vita and Michailas described their wedding theme as 'a violet haze, bohemian, woodland fairytale'. They wanted their wedding to be very intimate and small, but magical. They focused on having lots of colours and flowers with a bit of glitz and copper details. Overall they wanted their wedding to be inspired by themselves and things they both love.

The couple's favourite part of the day was their ceremony. "It was truly magical," said Vita, "I think our wedding ceremony was the most emotional moment of my entire life! I don't think there was ever a time when I felt so many emotions at once. It was wonderful, overwhelming and simply amazing. We had great musicians playing the music in the middle of the woods, I walked down the aisle to Once Upon a Dream from the Sleeping Beauty and it truly felt like a woodland fairy tale. The smell of the rose petal confetti was magical, my grandma had picked it herself from wild roses, and it felt magical to be showered in it!"

"We did so much DIY... I don't even know where to begin! We have been sitting nightly folding origami cranes for cocktails, sealing envelopes with wax, painting terrariums from bronze to copper, drawing signs and that's just the beginning! We loved doing the DIY for the wedding, but the major one was done by my wonderful mum. She made the decoration which was hung over all the tables. They are traditionally made with natural straw but we made them purple and out of plastic. My mum spent loads of time and effort to make them and we were amazed how wonderful they looked, and felt very special because she had made them for us."

"We spent most of our budget on the ceremony venue and reception. After that our biggest expense was my wedding dress, which was lavish, with a touch of lilac tulle and glitter. It was worth the expense though as it made me feel like a fairy of the forest! We did try to save money on some things... but it didn't really work... In the end we decided that we are only having this celebration once, so we focused on that rather than on trying to save."

"Our advice for future brides and grooms is to make the planning process as much fun as you can, and don't get too stressed! It all works out! Also remember that it's never too early to begin planning a wedding! It was a lot of fun, super interesting, a roller coaster and stressful at times, but it was sooo worth it!"

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