Kitsch Meets Urban Las Vegas Elopement

Kitsch Meets Urban Las Vegas Elopement


When Jorden and Greg decided to marry, they knew Las Vegas was the perfect place for them. They wanted a day with a glamorous grunge vibe, but with a touch of kitsch. Their ceremony was at The Little Vegas Chapel and they were married by (who else?) Elvis!

"We wanted the wedding to be kind of a glamorous and grunge", said the bride. "I wore a long, sparkly dress but we took pictures in front of a motel, a liquor store, and even a dumpster! In fact one of my favourite photos from our wedding day is the one with a dumpster in the background. I thought it was awesome because it fit our style perfectly and was something I'd never seen before!"

"We're inspired by music since that's the reason we met in the first place (I auditioned for his band as a vocalist!) so we knew we wanted Elvis to do our ceremony. The ceremony was very special and my brother walked me down the aisle. Other than that, we just knew we wanted it to be spontaneous and fun. That's how we got the idea to elope to Las Vegas in the first place."

"Also, we got each other's initials tattooed on our ring fingers the night of our ceremony. It's our third matching tattoo (yep, we're totally that sappy couple with multiple matching tattoos!) It was a really cool way to end the day."

The couple's biggest expense was their photos. "That came from a place of always wanting to remember our wedding day", Joden said. "We wanted to make sure we were prioritising the experience/memories over stuff like having a crazy expensive dress or ceremony."

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