30 Creative Ways To Use Doilies At Your Wedding - Weddingomania

30 Creative Ways To Use Doilies At Your Wedding - Weddingomania


A doily is an ornamental mat, typically made of paper or fabric, and variously used for protecting surfaces or binding flowers, in food service presentation, or as a head covering or clothing ornamentation. It is characterized by openwork, which allows the surface of the underlying object to show through. They are crocheted, tatted or knitted out of cotton or linen thread. The designs could be circular or oval starting from the center and working outward. Of course, today there are also paper doilies available at any shop, which look no less cuter and are sometimes comfier in using.

Doilies can be used in vintage and shabby chic home décor styles, and they will definitely add cuteness wherever you place them. Using doilies for vintage-inspired, rustic, boho chic and just casual weddings is a great idea because it's very budget-friendly and you can add a personalized touch to the décor. Interested how to use them? Here are some ideas!

Backdrops And Garlands

Doilies are great to make garlands and hang them wherever you want: behind a dessert table, over the dance floor and so on. You can attach your photos, LEDs, flowers and letters to these doilies to make the garlands cooler. Turn your doilies into dreamcatchers! Attach them to embroidery hoops and hang these hoops in clusters as a ceremony backdrop, sweetheart table backdrop or else; these clusters can be vertical or horizontal. Doilies may be also used for making lanterns but be careful as they can burn.

Table Décor

Doilies are more often used for wedding table décor: make table runners and tablecloths of them and it will be ideal for boho, vintage and rustic weddings. One more idea is to substitute a usual placemat with a doily for a cute look, and attaching doilies to jars and vases is a great idea - if it's a paper doily you can write the table number on it. Wrap the cutlery with doilies and attach twine for a rustic tablescape.


Paper doilies are great for holding petals, confetti and stuff like that - something small and lightweight. You can also put wedding favors in them or serve popcorn, for example. Cover the favors boxes or bags with doilies for a cute rustic feel. Aisle chair décor can be simple with paper doily cones with fresh blooms and succulents.

Other Ideas

Doilies may be used anywhere you want - wedding programs, fans, menus and even a wedding dress completely covered with doilies - there are thousands of ways to use them, just turn on your creativity and go ahead!

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