Wedding - Post Wedding Doldrums

Post Wedding Doldrums

Those of you how have been somewhat recently married know how crazy it is to plan a wedding. But then after your wedding, you come home from your honeymoon, clean up the clutter from the planning and family visiting and then… … …….. now what? Nothing to plan. Nothing to organize. No vendors to haggle with, no reservations to coordinate. Just work. Come home. Make dinner. Watch Jeopardy! And go to sleep. I call it the post-wedding doldrums. Don’t feel guilty for relaxing or vegging out. I wish that was the case for me. Our honeymoon won’t be for a couple months, so we’re working on passports, and exactly what we want to do. Our whole future is ahead of us. But yes, it is nice to just sit back, lay down and enjoy time together. Have a great St. Patrick's Day tomorrow. Remember to wear green, or I'll come pinching!

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