With two active young boys, the Philips family wanted some lovely family photos to display in their home and share with friends and family. Mum and dad are keen rowers, so one sunny afternoon they headed to Huxley on the river River Thames with photographer Anushé Low to capture them all enjoying some family time in a place they love 3 year old Henry certainly enjoyed running around and helping younger brother Luke explore the the autumnal landscape.

Mum Karin's story...

We are an active family. We row at Marlow Rowing Club, near our home, and we spend a lot of our family time outdoors. Our boys enjoy running about and Henry is a keen cyclist on his balance bike! We booked a shoot with Anushé as we wanted some quality photographs. Although we have some good photos that we have taken ourselves, we did not have a good photo of the whole family. As the children are very small, it is very difficult to get both children in shot looking in the right direction and we wanted some professional help to capture them while they are so young. I think mostly we wanted a record that the boys could look back on of themselves with their mum and dad.

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