30 Gorgeous Floral Applique Wedding Dresses - Weddingomania

30 Gorgeous Floral Applique Wedding Dresses - Weddingomania


Spring is coming to an end, and we are looking forward to summer, romance is in full bloom now. This is high time to rock gorgeous trends connected with flowers, not only in décor but also in your wedding attire. There's nothing more natural than a spring or summer bride with lots of flowers, whether these are shoes, a floral crown or even a floral wedding dress. We've already shared some of the latter but today I'd like to add some more with a very special floral dress type: floral applique wedding gowns.

3d floral appliques bring feminine allure at once, and many designers have already proven it presenting such gowns. This is not only one of the hottest wedding trends of 2017, it's announced to be one of the hottest trends of 2018, too, so if you are getting married next year, take it into consideration. You can find lots of designs and colors to rock, and there are different types of necklines and silhouettes, let's dip into the topic for more examples.

Colored Lace Applique Dresses

If we take floral applique wedding dresses, the most popular color is blush or pink because this is quintessence of femininity: you got both the most girlish color and florals on the dress. another idea is blue but delicate blue like powder, for example, which is also very feminine. You can also find red and grey gowns, which really stand out. The good thing is a colored wedding gown with contrasting white 3d floral appliques looks stunning and gorgeous, this is a very girlish thing. You can also find blue gowns with pink appliques, nude gowns with blush appliques and so on - it's all up to your bridal style but don't rock too many colors in one gown not to look tasteless.

Ivory And White Lace Applique Dresses

If you want to go more traditional, ivory and white are your choice. The lace appliques can appear on the whole dress, or cover only the skirt, or the bodice and just the top of the skirt. Your can opt for a white gown with pastel appliques for a more eye-catchy look, and florals look awesome with sparkles and beading, too if you want to stand out. There are many flattering and sexy designs to try, especially in 2017 collections, so have a look at them to get inspired!

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