DIY Colorful Science-Themed Wedding - Weddingomania

DIY Colorful Science-Themed Wedding - Weddingomania


Kerri and Noah met through friends and a love of science is one of the first things they realized they shared. That's why this colorful wedding had science theme! So unusual and so creative!

Since working together on creative projects is something they love to do, they knew straight away that they would DIY as much as possible. Of course to get started, they needed the cool color scheme! They realized they were drawn to the most colorful design inspirations and that this really represented the fun and happy feeling they wanted to share with their friends and family at their wedding. So the idea of using 'CMYK' (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) or "ALL THE COLORS" became the central theme.

All the family and friends helped them with the various paper crafts and decor items that they planned, including growing wheatgrass for the centerpieces. The white paper background was decorated with colorful pompom garlands and geometric pieces garlands. The aisle was decorated with oversized paper pompoms. Little paper geometric decorations in all the colors highlighted the couple's love to science. The dessert table was decorated with colorful paper doilies and all-color tablecloth. All the florals at the wedding were paper ones to save the budget but they looked no worse than usual ones.

The bride decided to continue the wedding colors with her dress rocking a white gown with bold fuchsia oversized flowers print on the skirt. She also chose a single paper flower bouquet in the same color, and the groom who was wearing a black suit continued the color scheme with a fuchsia tie.

Looking at the photos, the bright colors bring a smile to the faces - not just because they're so fun and so cheerful, but also because they really represent the feeling of how great it was to celebrate this science-themed wedding with all the closets people around.

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